Solar Repair Services

Fast and dependable solar panel repair service in NY, NJ, PA & CT. Even if we didn’t install your solar panels, we can help you keep them performing.

Solar removal and reinstallation

Whether you’re in need of an R&R because of a leak, new roof, hail damage or more we have you covered. Seasoned solar installers, high quality replacement parts, watertight and workmanship guarantee. Learn More >

Solar Panel Repair

We’ll find the source of the leak and create an attribution report. Was it solar related? Roofer related? Hail damage? We can do a temporary repair or a full repair as needed. If a new roof is needed, we can help with removal and reinstallation. Learn More >

Microinverter and Optimizer Replacement

Enphase microinverters and SolarEdge optimizers are starting to fail. We can source the replacement, remove the old one, install a new one, send back the failed unit, and tie the new one into your monitoring platform. Learn More >

Solar panel cleaning

If you live in an area exposed to high pollen, dust, sap, or traffic, soiled modules could be substantially decreasing your systems performance. We use manufacturer approved cleaning products that don’t leave a film on the modules and don’t effect the anti-reflective coating.
Learn More >

critter guard installation & pest removal

We can repair shingle damage from nesting squirrel, chewed module wires and home run wiring, and install critter guard. Learn More >

Solar Panel Inspection & performance investigation

Has your utility bill slowly crept back up? Are there strange lights blinking on your inverter? Are you no longer able to access your monitoring? Lets us come take a look, we can often resolve it on our first visit.. Learn More >


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Is Your Solar Service Provider Out Of Business?

Welcome to NYSM Support

A huge number of solar installers have gone out of business, leaving solar homeowners (solar orphans) uncertain about who to call about solar repair and maintenance. If you find yourself in this situation, and are in need of immediate help with your solar system, you can contact us for a free consultation. We’ll take care of you!