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Opportunities > Solar Technician. MUST live in the New York or NJ Area.

We are looking for an experienced O&M Solar Technician to join our team!

Why join the team?

  • We provide tools (no more arguing over who should bring what tool)
  • Managers started in the field (we know how to balance a work day)
  • Promotions based on merit, not nepotism (learn more, earn more)
  • 4 season of work (hand warmers included)

What’s the pay like?

  • $18-25 for a Level 1 Tech
  • $25-30 for a Level 2 Tech
  • $30-35 for a Level 3 Tech

Who is the manager?

Matt Messer is the owner and manager of NYSM, with 10 years in the industry he was formerly the National Operations Manager for SST and the Northeast Manager for Tesla’s Preventative Maintenance team. Matt is a roof monkey with a business mindset, having spent the last year in the field swapping MI’s, digging out squirrel and pigeon nests, and troubleshooting stubborn Fronius inverters, he knows exactly what it’s like to work the field day in and day out. He has managed over 250 technicians over the last 10 years and has honed his ability to be a straightforward, hands-off, and kind manager.

What’s the work like?

  • 50% inspecting, troubleshooting and replacing
  • 50% R&R, MI upgrades, etc.

Where is the office?

  • The van. We have a warehouse in Brooklyn to receive deliveries and you’ll need to stop in once per week to pick up materials for the coming days and drop off equipment that needs to be returned.

Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum 6 months in the solar industry working on a roof
  • Comfortable on a roof


  • Clean driving license
  • Ability to carry 60lbs on a roof

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $39.00 per hour

Supplemental Pay:

  • Tips


  • Solar, Roofing, Or Construction: 2 years (Required)


  • Driver’s License (Required)

Work Location:

  • One location
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NYSM Areas of Work

NYSM is organized by functional specialties. We are leading experts in solar maintenance, repair, cleaning, inspections, critter guard, removal & reinstall. We are recognized by our immersion in the details and a willingness to collaboratively participated during collective decision-making.

Technicians are the life blood of the company. Our management perspective is that we are here to enable the techs to complete their jobs safety, with top notch quality, and with efficiency. How does that translate? Open communications, listening to your ideas, and always striving to learn the best way to complete any process. You’ll get decked out in safety equipment, tools, and company swag within the first few weeks.

Solar Maintenance and Repair


NYSM is services New York, New Jersey, Long Island & Connecticut, including:

  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
  • Westchester
  • Nassau
  • Suffolk
  • Orange
  • Ulster
  • Rockland
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