How much does solar panel repair cost?

Solar repairs run the gamut from quick fixes to multi-day repairs and knowing what you’re in for will help you navigate pricing and costs from repair your solar photovoltaic system.

Generally speaking, most service companies will charge a flat fee to come and assess the problem, and then charge a time and material fee for the repair.

What goes into the price? 

  • Complexity.  If it’s a single micro inverter replacement, on a flat roof, that’s easily accessible it is not going to be an expensive repair.  If it’s a full removal and reinstallation because of a leak or a reroof, on a 45 degree pitched roof, it will be on the more expensive side.

  • Time. The contractor will need to determine if it is a one technician or two technician repair

  • Materials.  New fuses are inexpensive, but a new inverter that isn’t covered under the manufacturer warranty would be a big investment.

  • Equipment: Most visits will not required sophisticated tools, but certain  scopes of work like thermal imaging, shade analysis, and insulation resistance testing will likely incur a slightly higher fee.

An average repair price:

In the last 10 years working solar system maintenance, I have seen an average price hover around $350, with prices often only being $185 and occasionally topping out around $5,000 for a full removal and reinstallation.